On a mission to retrieve a princess from a fire-breathing dragon, gruff ogre Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot — a wisecracking donkey.

Year: 2001
Certificate: U
Runtime: 1hr 30m
Director: Andrew AdamsonVicky Jenson
Starring: Mike MyersEddie MurphyCameron DiazJohn LithgowMatthew GonderSimon J. SmithJim CummingsCalvin RemsbergChristopher KnightsChris MillerBobby BlockMichael GalassoConrad VernonVal BettinGuillaume AretosCody CameronVincent CasselKathleen FreemanClive PearsePeter Dennis

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DreamWorks’ big green Scottish ogre still delights twenty years later in the fairytale mashup we never knew we needed until it burst into our screens.

I doubt there’s many households today that have never heard of “Shrek”! Even if they have never actually seen it, but after sequels, spinoffs and musicals I went back to rewatch where it all started and see how it holds up. I presume  that few people will need a run down of events but, just in case it’s been a while, here’s how it goes.

When Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers), a grumpy green ogre, discovers fairytale creatures have been dumped on his land he demands to know who is behind it. A loyal but hyperactive talking donkey (appropriately named Donkey – voiced by Eddie Murphy) offers to take Shrek to see the man who was behind it.

Shrek and Donkey soon arrive at the Duloc home of Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow) who was behind the fairytale creatures being placed on his land and after a scuffle Lord Farquaad agrees to give Shrek his land back in exchange for Shrek rescuing Princess Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) whom Farquaad intends on marrying so he can become a king.

Being an animated feature of 20 years of age I had expectations that perhaps it may not have aged well but in fact it still looks great. It’s funny, charming and the chemistry between the cast is on fire (despite the probability they were never in the same room together).

There are a few pop-culture references here and there that haven’t aged well, but won’t offend new viewers and will amuse returning ones.

I really enjoyed watching “Shrek” again. It has a simplicity but still manages to hit many emotional beats to a complexity that was far beyond what most animated films were producing at the time. It’s still a fun movie that fully deserves a revisit (or a first watch) and is great for the entire family.

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