Spider-Man 2

Weary of leading a double life, Peter Parker shelves his superhero identity. Will he suit up again when a multitentacled baddie menaces New York City?

Year: 2004
Certificate: PG
Runtime: 2hr 7m
Director: Sam Raimi
Starring: Tobey MaguireKirsten DunstJames FrancoAlfred MolinaRosemary HarrisJ.K. SimmonsDonna MurphyDaniel GilliesDylan BakerBill NunnVanessa FerlitoAasif MandviWillem DafoeCliff RobertsonTed RaimiElizabeth BanksBruce Campbell

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There’s a good reason that, almost two decades after its release, “Spider-Man 2” remains one of the most beloved superhero movies out there. Sam Raimi‘s second web-slinging movie not only defined the superhero genre but many would argue it set a precedent yet to be broken.

A couple of years after the events of Spider-Man, Peter Parker is facing mental blocks which start to affect his powers. He’s under intense stress as his relationships become ever strained and his Aunt faces losing her home. Peter attends a demonstration led by Dr Otto Octavius centred around fusion. To avoid touching hazardous materials Octavius uses a set of mechanical arms which accidently get fused to him and become sentient taking control of Dr Octavius. It’s now up to Peter to try and stop ‘Doc Ock’ , save his Aunt’s house and overcome his mental blocks.

While I’ve never been sold on Tobey Maguire in the role of Peter Parker, he’s surrounded by such a strong cast that any shortcomings are easily carried. In particular Alfred Molina in the villainous role is almost comic book movie perfection. He’s whitty, charming and tragic.

The special effects, while some may look dated now, are generally still good and hold up well (I can think of a certain train scene but, hey, no spoilers here!)

If I was to find any fault it would be at the hands of Mary Jane (played by Kirsten Dunst). She never really feels like a character to me but more of a prop for our hero. This is, of course, historically an issue where female leads were never really explored and simply placed into the narrative to be the damsel in distress. Thankfully this is somewhat rectified in Spider-man 3 although never to the degree I had hoped.

Overall though “Spider-Man 2” delivers on almost everything you would want it to. It’s a fun, vibrant movie with a great cast and probably the best villain in any Spider-Man movie to date.

Now more than ever would be the time to go watch Spidey at his peak!

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