The Addams Family

Leading gloomy lives in isolation, a family of ghouls moves to a bland suburb where a reality TV show host’s community plan cramps their style.

Year: 2019
Certificate: PG
Director: Greg TiernanConrad Vernon
Starring: Oscar IsaacCharlize TheronChloë Grace MoretzFinn WolfhardNick KrollSnoop DoggBette MidlerAllison JanneyElsie Fisher

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A dull and lifeless take on a classic.

It’s rare I watch a film and regret it. At the very least even bad films provide some kind of experience or “so bad it’s good” form of entertainment. Sadly “The Addams Family” was neither: it was dull, boring and completely blew any potential it had to tell an interesting story.

It actually starts out with the promise of an interesting premise not really explored too much before. It’s the wedding of Morticia and Gomez and all the Addams family are in attendance before they are hastily chased away by a group of people who do not like their gothic style and way of life. They escape to new Jersey to begin a new life away from torment… and sadly that’s where any intrigue stops.

The whole idea of exploring the Morticia and Gomez life prior to how we now think of these characters typically and before they settled into the familiar Addams family dynamic with their children is something I really feel would have made the movie a lot more interesting.

Nevertheless the story pushes on and we are thrust a few years into the future…

From there it turns into a generic slog of a movie which entails a reality show host who sees the Addams family and their home as ruining her show as she is trying to build a perfect community and thus makes it her mission to and get rid of them. There’s a couple of other side plots involving Wednesday and Pugsley which, quite frankly, do nothing to better the story and some scenes just feel shoehorned to give the characters something to do.

Credit where it’s due though this movie looks fantastic and the voice cast really do a great job with what they are given but overall it isn’t enough to save this wretched animation.

Unless you have somehow watched absolutely everything else Netflix has to offer then I strongly suggest avoiding this one.

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