A little orphan meets up with a kind giant who’s supposed to eat her but instead protects her from some truly horrible giants who terrorize them both.

Year: 2016
Certificate: PG
Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Paul Moniz de SaMarilyn NorryRafe SpallPenelope WiltonDenise JonesJohn Emmet TracyMark RylanceMichael AdamthwaiteHaig SutherlandRebecca HallChris ShieldsJemaine ClementGabrielle RoseMatt FrewerDavid GloverDavid OrrAndy ThompsonChris GibbsRuby BarnhillJonathan HolmesAnthony IngramDaniel BaconBill HaderAdam GodleyÓlafur Darri ÓlafssonWilliam Samples

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Big fun to be had…

I really don’t understand how this film fell so hard. The 2016 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic tale is a delightful retelling of a true classic. Sophie is a 10 year old orphan who, through not being able to sleep, sees a giant walking the streets in the middle of the night. One night she is captured by the giant and taken back to his home land of the Giant Country.

The giant explains that because Sophie now knows of the existence of giants she must stay in Giant Country forever so their existence remains a secret. Sophie soon sees that the giant is friendly and is trying to protect her. The two soon become friends and must work together to avoid the wrath of the bigger meaner giants and help spread happy dreams to all the sleeping children.

This film is visually stunning and is delightfully entertaining. The runtime however does seem to be a little overstretched and little excessive – coming in at just under 2 hours. There were several moments that were seemingly only there to pad out a longer runtime and added nothing to the story or atmosphere.

Ruby Barnhill does a great job as young Sophie never letting the weight of carrying a $140 million production affect her performance. Likewise Mark Rylance gives an outstanding motion capture performance as the BFG.

It’s a shame this movie was released around the same time as “Finding Dory” as I think it would have had a much bigger impact as, in my opinion, it is the better movie. Overall it is fun, stunning and a little too long. But do give it a watch with the family!

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