The Box

A couple must decide whether to push a button that will net them a million dollars but that will also cause the death of a complete stranger.

Year: 2009
Certificate: 15
Director: Richard Kelly
Starring: Frank Langella, James Rebhorn, Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Richard Kelly, Holmes Osborne, Deborah Rush, Celia Weston, Sam Oz Stone, Gillian Jacobs

Information Page:

Awoken by the sound of someone knocking at your door, you open it to find a package left for you by, you assume, the person that is driving the car slowly away from your driveway. In this package is a box. On top of the box is a see-through dome and underneath that dome is a large red button. Along with the box is a note. A note that says you will be contacted at a set time.
When that time comes, there is another knock on the door, but this time there stands a man. Startling to see at first due to his disfigured face. After introducing himself, he explains that it was him who placed the box upon your porch and he had a proposition for you. All you have to do is choose an option.
Option 1: You do nothing. If within 24 hours you choose to not push the button, it will be collected and nothing further will occur.
Option 2: You push the button and you receive $1,000,000 in cash…. and someone you don’t know will die.

This is the conundrum that is in front of Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur (James Marsden) Lewis; An all American family, who live paycheck to paycheck and between working for NASA and teaching the youth of America, they live a normal life with their young son.

I’m not going to get into whether or not Norma and Arthur choose option 1 or option 2, after all we try not to spoil too much, but I will say that the consequences of that choice are the setting for most of the movie. Speaking of settings, the setting for ‘The Box’ is Virginia USA, probably 1970s which makes for some amazing set pieces. The look and feel of the movie are almost a character of their own and actually add to the creepiness of the movie.

As the film is a psychological thriller it doesn’t use jumps or gore to scare its audience, it uses creepy visuals and a pretty good soundtrack to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. The film at times gets a little confusing and there is a large sci-fi element to the film so don’t expect anything to be straight forward.

One thing I did love is the direction. The way the movie is shot is great and, again, adds to the weirdness of the movie. The movie is directed by Richard Kelly who is well-known for his idiosyncratic style in such films as “Donnie Darko” and “Southland Tales”. So if those kind of movies are your cup of tea, then you should enjoy ‘The Box’.

You now have two options:
Option 1: Choose to watch an alternative film and never select ‘The Box’ from Netflix. If you do, you may be entertained, but nothing further will occur.
Option 2: You watch ‘The Box’ and deal with the consequences. One of which will be the overwhelming desire to add your comments in the box below and let us know what YOU thought about this film.

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