The Flintstones

The Flintstones hit the big screen in this live-action comedy that finds Fred and Barney struggling to cope with the pressures of work and family.

Year: 1994
Certificate: U
Runtime: 1hr 30m
Director: Brian Levant
Starring: John GoodmanElizabeth PerkinsRick MoranisRosie O’DonnellKyle MacLachlanHalle BerryElizabeth TaylorDann FlorekRichard Moll

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When it comes to movies there are many kinds but few fill me with as much joy as a terribly good movie. Brian Levant‘s 1994 eye catching wonder falls directly and firmly into that category where its cheese becomes charm and all shortcomings are easily forgiven when you take into account just how big of a task it must have been to bring Bedrock to the big screen.

When an IQ test is taken by Fred (John Goodman) and Barney (Rick Moranis) at their place of work Barney swaps tests with Fred as a thank you for loaning him money to adopt a child. As a result Fred is promoted and is forced to fire Barney who now has the lowest test score causing a rift between the Rubbles and the Flintstones. It’s soon uncovered that the company’s vice president is running an embezzlement scheme and frames Fred for it. Fred must now clear his name while trying to heal his friendship with his best friend.

Okay, I’ll start with the obvious. The plot of this movie is very strange given it’s primarily a children’s film. While kids will marvel at the amazing practical effects I sincerely doubt the story will keep them engaged too long. The best part, however, is that anyone who remembers this movie from the first time around will surely get a kick out of revisiting it.

The cast do a wonderful job. John Goodman in the lead was inspired , Rick Moranis is always a delight. Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Perkins both do great jobs too and it has a talented supporting cast. That being said, the dialogue can feel very “catchphrase-y” and the plot, as stated before, is utterly bizarre for a Flintstones movie. All these things contribute to an opinion, for many, that the movie isn’t that good.

I differ, however. Some bad movies transcend into greatness through their execution and joy – that is very apparent here… Yes, it may not be the best, but it’s evident everyone involved is having a great time.

Give it a watch. If nothing else I still think it looks amazing!

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