The Gentlemen

Making moves to sell his valuable UK cannabis empire, an American kingpin sets off a series of plots, schemes and barefaced plays for his business.

Year: 2020
Certificate: 18
Runtime: 1hr 53m
Director: Guy Ritchie
Starring: Matthew McConaugheyCharlie HunnamHugh GrantMichelle DockeryColin FarrellHenry GoldingJeremy StrongEddie Marsan

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While not Guy Ritchie‘s best offering it’s entertaining enough to keep casual viewers and long time fans satisfied.

Those of us familiar with Ritchie’s previous work will know what to expect here and that is, by no means, a bad thing. Using a clever framing device, the movie offers everything you’ve come to expect. Gangsters, corrupt officials and violence.

When an American drug Lord known as ‘Mickey’ plans to sell his cannabis empire so he can retire his second in charge is approached by a corrupt private investigator. The P.I. is also an aspiring screenwriter who uses the script to divulge a plot to purposely compromise Mickey’s business so it can be acquired for a reduced price. Meanwhile another gangster who is out to prove his place is also doing what he needs to do to take control of the cannabis empire.

All typical stuff but done in such an entertainingly frantic way it never feels like the same old story again. The movie very much looks and feels like everything Ritchie has put out before. An almost bleak shade washes the environment adding tension and atmosphere.

The highlight here, as always, is the cast. Especially Hugh Grant – no spoilers, but he gives by far the best performance of his career and is nothing like anything he’s done before (at least not that I’ve seen). The rest of the cast also do great here. Matthew McConaughey is a fantastic lead and Colin Farrell plays a great part that always entertains (again no spoilers).

Overall while it maybe isn’t quite on par with previous movies of the genre it’s still certainly worth your time. It’s frantic fun that’s beautifully woven together and is carried by a perfect cast and dialogue.

Go watch it!

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