The Happytime Murders

When his felt friends start showing up dead, a disgraced puppet P.I. does all he can to solve the case — even team up with his old human partner.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Director: Brian Henson
Starring: Melissa McCarthyElizabeth BanksMaya RudolphBill BarrettaLeslie David BakerJoel McHaleDorien DaviesCynthy WuMichael McDonaldMitch Silpa

Information Page:

Imagine a world where puppets come to life. Now imagine that those puppets lived amongst us. Had jobs like us. Drove cars like us. That’s the world that private investigator Phil Phillips. You see Phil is, in fact, a puppet. Living in a humans’ world. A world where all puppets are seen as second class citizens. Phil used to be a cop but was fired and became a P.I.

When Phil is hired by a puppet who is being blackmailed it leads him to an old friend – who is quickly killed by a mysterious figure.
When the police arrive and begin to investigate, Phil insists on helping the case and he is paired with his former human partner: Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy). While reluctantly working the case together they come across a trail of drugs, murder, blood, and fluff… lots of fluff!

Could the murders be linked? Is someone out to get puppets? Who will be the next victim? Phil and Connie have to put their differences aside and work together to solve the case!

“The Happytime Murders” turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. I know when this film was released in the cinemas it didn’t do too well. It’s easy to understand why: it’s weird, wacky and involves A LOT of puppet sex! The humour is not to everyone’s taste. It’s crass and immature which is possibly why it got a few chuckles out of this man-child. Melissa McCarthy plays herself as she seems to do in most films. I know she has talent as I have seen this in other films, but this is one of those where she follows the same path as many of her other parts.

Other than Elizabeth BanksMaya Rudolph and a couple of small parts, the majority of the cast is of the velvet kind and that’s is where the better performances come in. The puppeteers are pretty impressive and it’s easy to forget that these are puppets you see moving around the screen. Old school puppets where basically someone is laid on the floor, moving and talking. This isn’t the Jim Henson company you grew up with, but the expert puppetry is still there.

This film won’t win any awards other than the Razzy McCarthy won for worst actress. That may be a little harsh, but what you do have is a film you can relax too. Funny in parts, charming in others. “The Happytime Murders” made me laugh and, after all, that’s the point of a comedy, right? It also made me cringe and roll my eyes a few times too, but nobody is perfect.

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