The Knight Before Christmas

Medieval magic sends a 14th-century knight to modern-day Ohio, where he falls for a high school science teacher who’s disillusioned by love.

Year: 2019
Certificate: 12
Director: Monika Mitchell
Starring: Vanessa HudgensJosh WhitehouseEmmanuelle ChriquiHarry JarvisMimi GianopulosElla KenionJean-Michel Le GalArnold Pinnock

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A cheesy and predictable Christmas rom-com that lacks sense but is still enjoyable.

As we approach Christmas there are lots of new Christmas-themed films and series being added to Netflix. One such film is “The Knight Before Christmas” – a family-friendly romcom starring Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Whitehouse. The story is pretty straight forward but does leave a lot of questions unanswered – more on that later. In a nutshell: a 14th Century Knight, Sir Cole (Whitehouse), is transported from his home in Norwich, England to present day Ohio, USA in order to complete a quest and become a ‘True Knight’. He arrives in the middle of a Christmas Fair and his medieval clothing is seen as an elaborate fancy dress and he fits right in. Shortly after his arrival he gets knocked over by Brooke (Hudgens) who, upon apologising profusely, assumes that Sir Cole simply lost his memory and that’s why he thinks he’s an English knight. As any sane person would in this situation, Brooke invites Sir Cole to live with her while he regains his memory and works out where he needs to go.

As with most Netflix Original films, the quality of the production is good. The cast all seem to be well chosen and play their parts convincingly – the kids, particularly, are great. The only real issue with the cast is that Whitehouse doesn’t quite come across as a medieval knight – although I can’t quite put my finger on why.

As the story progresses we see Brooke and Sir Cole’s friendship strengthen as he helps various local families with important things like sword fighting skills as well as minor things like saving lives and finding missing children. He adapts incredibly well in the modern world for someone who comes from a time before electricity and is soon learning how to binge-watch Netflix like a pro while commanding Alexa to play his favourite music.

The film, overall, is somewhat predictable for this genre: boy meets girl, boy and girl start to fall in love, something happens that puts their love at risk, something else happens that fixes everything, they all live happily ever after. However that’s not to say the film is boring. “The Knight Before Christmas” provides a few chuckles along the way and has an interesting sub-plot about one of the neighbours. These, along with the cast and production, create a pleasant story.

So, about those unanswered questions… I am fully aware that I am overthinking these ‘issues’ – it is, after all, a lighthearted family film – but there are lots of things throughout the film that don’t quite make sense and that can only be put down to ‘Movie Logic’. Things like how Sir Cole speaks in perfect, modern day English without a hint of ye olde speak; how Sir Cole, aside from his first selfie, is not phased in the slightest by electricity and modern technology; why Brooke brought in a total stranger to live with her; why Sir Cole was even sent to the future in the first place aside from a mystical old hag told him he had to become a ‘True Knight’… But if you brush these things aside, then you are left with a mostly decent, family-friendly Christmas love story that has a nice side story about caring for people too. While it won’t win any awards, you can do much worse (I’ve seen Krampus); but if you’re wanting a nice film to watch with the family while snuggled up in Christmas jumpers sipping on hot chocolate then you can’t really go wrong with “The Knight Before Christmas”.

Oh, and stick around for a mid-credits scene…

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