The Mule

In dire financial straits and estranged from his family, an ornery old horticulturalist becomes a delivery driver for a Mexican drug cartel.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 56m
Director: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Clint EastwoodBradley CooperLaurence FishburneMichael PeñaDianne WiestIgnacio SerricchioAndy GarciaTaissa FarmigaAlison EastwoodRichard Herd

Information Page:

The Mule stars Clint Eastwood as a 90 year old army vet who has fallen on hard time.
After spending more time working on his beloved flowers than spending it with his family, Earl loses everything. Besides his grand daughter Ginny, his family have turned their back on him and the bank has foreclosed on his house, leaving him homeless and lonely. Much to the dislike of Earls ex wife Mary and his daughter Iris, Ginny invites Earl to her home for a celebration and it’s here Earl meets Rico.

Rico can see Earl needs a helping hand and gives him the number of a friend. Rico’s friend has a simple offer for Earl. Take a package from one town to another in his very non descriptive pick up truck. Leave the truck unlocked, come back in an hour and find a nice collection of money for his troubles.
With nothing to lose, Earl decides to do another favour for Rico’s friend, and another and another until Rico’s friend boss starts to take note of their new recruit and how useful he has become. The problem is, Rico’s friends boss isn’t the only one taking notice. Special Agent Colin Bates is also interested in the work he’s been doing… that would be a terrible thing if he knew who Earl was.
After a snitch tells Bates that the Cartels newest Mule is only known as Tata and he’s moving a great deal of weight. While highly illegal, Earl just sees his trips between towns as a drive from A to B and then back again. If that’s all he has to do to get back on his feet, then so be it.

The Mule is a beautifully shot film, based loosely on a true story. Both starring and directing and at 90 years old himself, just like Earl, Clint Eastwood is impressive in both regards. Eastwood manages to capture both the weaker and stronger side of the character all the while managing to orchestrate the rest of the cast and crew of the movie. The supporting cast is also full of well known and well suited faces. From Dianne Weist who plays his ex wife Mary, to Alison Eastwood, Clint’s daughter on and off screen. We also see Bradley Cooper, Michael Pena and Lawrence Fishburne who are the DEA agents hot on his tail. Although the cast is a stellar one and Eastwood’s portrayal of Earl is great, the movie lacked something for me. I was expecting a little more from such a great group of actors especially Cooper, Pena and Fishburne, but they barely get a chance to get going. I can’t pin point what it was but something was missing in the script.
While the story grew as the film progressed, it seemed to flatten out and never really hit a high note. I’m glad I watched The Mule and if you are a fan of Clint Eastwood, this is a film for you. If you’re not a fan of Clint Eastwood… I’m not sure we could be friends… but I’d still encourage you to watch.

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