The Muppets Take Manhattan

When the Muppets graduate from college, they take their song-filled senior revue to New York City, launching a search for their ticket to Broadway.

Year: 1984
Certificate: U
Director: Frank Oz
Starring: Kermit the FrogMiss PiggyFozzie BearGonzoMuppetsJim HensonFrank OzDave GoelzSteve WhitmireRichard HuntJerry NelsonArt CarneyJames CocoDabney ColemanGregory HinesLinda LavinJoan RiversLonny PriceJuliana DonaldLouis Zorich

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“The Muppets Take Manhattan” is about the Muppets trying to get their show into Broadway. First of all the Muppet characters are great. I loved Kermit, Piggy and Rizzo in the movie. Everyone else should have stayed home for this one. Look, I love the Muppets, but one of the things that just does not work in this movie is that there is an overabundance of characters and most of them are not really used at all. Take Gonzo and Fozzie for example. Great characters, but in this movie they really had nothing to do and most of the other muppets were kind of shoehorned in. Muppets movie or not, rule number one of screen writing is everything that happens in the movie should advance the plot in some way and there were so many characters that did not belong in this movie because they had nothing to do. The story should have focused entirely on Kermit, Rizzo and Piggy, which is what they sort of did but they also let the other characters interfere every now and then and it took me out of the movie.

The movie really starts off strong but after the first 30 minutes or so it’s really hit or miss. The humour isn’t as clever as in the first part of the movie and things just conveniently happen like Kermit getting hit by the car to get the amnesia subplot going on or the son of the producer picking up the script to the Muppets’ play. Also, there was a part where I laughed out loud but it’s unintentionally funny. The part where Piggy gets her purse stolen and she chases the guy with the roller blades, they show shots from far away of Piggy chasing the guy and it’s just so clear that it’s someone in a Piggy costume chasing after the guy. I laughed really hard at that.

Unfortunately the celebrity cameos are disappointing. Dabney Coleman fares okay as a con artist who bargains with the Muppets with regards to their Broadway performance and ends up arrested. Art Carney also steals a moment when his son attempts to prove himself by taking a chance on their show. Liza Minnelli has an amusing cameo in a restaurant but not long enough, and the same can be said with regards to Joan Rivers who is seen briefly with Miss Piggy. Gregory Hines plays a roller blades guy who ends up giving them up. More would have been better in terms of the celebrity interactions.

Most importantly, this movie introduced the Muppet Babies in a fantasy sequence. The Muppet Babies would go on to be an adorable cartoon series that was a beloved part of my childhood. This movie is the last of the Muppet films made while Jim Henson was still alive. It will surely please fans and those who love films with heart and humour and magic, even with the fact that by the time this ends, the movie’s getting close to two hours long, which is probably a bit too long for a Muppet movie, and there’s no real surprise or drama involved in it. This is certainly a film to watch with the family.

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