The Night Before

Three best friends decide to end their tradition of wild holiday partying — but not before one final drug-fueled Christmas Eve in New York.

Year: 2015
Certificate: 15
Director: Jonathan LevineFernando Rovzar
Starring: Joseph Gordon-LevittAnthony MackieLizzy CaplanSeth RogenJonathan LevineJillian BellTracy MorganMichael ShannonMindy KalingAaron HillIlana GlazerHeléne YorkeHelene YorkeAlejandra AmbrosiRaul Aranda-LeePedro Armendariz Jr.Mauricio Barrientos

Information Page:

‘The Night Before’ is a story about three friends who, for years, have celebrated the Christmas season together. Every year, without fail, they party and they party hard. The thing with people is they grow up and eventually life becomes more about things other than drinking and partying.

After 14 years, that day arrives for Ethan (Anthony Mackie), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Isaac is about to become a father, Chris has a successful career as an athlete and Ethan, well Ethan still needs a little direction in his life. All three guys decide a change is needed, but before they create their own Christmas traditions, they have one last night.

This is a Seth Rogan movie after all, so if you’re a fan of him and movies such as The 40-Year Old Virgin then you kinda know what you are getting in ‘The Night Before’.

There are drugs, drink and sex, so if you were expecting a sweet story about friends celebrating Christmas together for one last time then you’ll get it but with a VERY NSFW story.

The cast is pretty cool. I was a fan of ‘50/50‘ which is also a movie collaboration between Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Also along for the ride there are cameo roles from Michael ShannonMindy Kaling and Tracy Morgan.

This movie reminds me very much of a ‘Hangover’ movie. Luckily I like those kinds of films so I found most of the film pretty funny. It goes a little bit over the top at times but not enough to get too silly.

Of course, this IS a story about 3 friends and the three main actors have a great and very funny chemistry and that helps balance the movie between a stoner comedy and the sentimental side of friends who care about each other.

We’ve had ‘Freddy Vs Jason’, ‘Batman V Superman’, well ‘The Night Before’ is like ‘Scrooged‘ Vs Harold and Kumar and this is my kind of Christmas movie.

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