The Old Guard

Four undying warriors who’ve secretly protected humanity for centuries become targeted for their mysterious powers just as they discover a new immortal.

Year: 2020
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 2hr 5m
Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Starring: Charlize TheronKiKi LayneMarwan KenzariLuca MarinelliHarry MellingVan Veronica NgoMatthias SchoenaertsChiwetel Ejiofor

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I knew very little regarding “The Old Guard” before watching it and sometimes that is the best way. It does however cause an issue when trying to review a movie as you’re not sure how much information to share as you don’t want to spoil the movie for anybody. So for those who want to be like me and know nothing, here’s my review… Not Oscar-worthy, but a comic book movie with a difference and definitely worth a watch.

For those who are happy knowing a little bit more about the storyline you are free to continue reading!

I did know one thing going into the film and it’s kind of a given. A group of mercenaries are tasked with a job, a pretty common theme in movies nowadays. What makes “The Old Guard” a little different is that these are no normal mercenaries. This group of highly skilled individuals happen to have a skill most don’t. These century-old warriors have regenerative healing abilities.

After meeting Andromache (Charlize Theron) or “Andy” as she is known and her crew, we see their skills in full display after being ambushed and killed. They get knocked down, but they get up again and seek redemption on the people that lead them into the trap, namely CIA agent Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Apologies if you’re now singing Chumbawumba…

We then meet US Marine Nile who, while trying to save a military target’s life, is killed but somehow wakes up without a scratch. She doesn’t understand it, her colleagues don’t understand it but after seeing and feeling a connection, Andy tracks Nile down before she can be tested by the military. We then get some much needed exposition explaining who everyone is and why they work together.

All that might sound either confusing or a little silly but this movie does a great job of not coming across that way.

The performances of the main cast all fit well and Charlize Theron leads the way with my favourite character. I think Theron has had a bit of a resurgence recently with roles in such films as Tully and Long Shot. Seeing her in an action roll and kicking ass, makes me want to see more of her in action roles.

I really enjoyed “The Old Guard”, much more than I thought I would and maybe, with the immortality angle, it surprised me with its differences from similar films. I found it a little frustrating that certain questions weren’t answered, but it definitely made me want to know more, so I would be excited for a sequel and even to find copies of the comic book that the story is based on.

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