The Social Network

Director David Fincher’s biographical drama chronicles the meteoric rise of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Harvard sophomore to Internet superstar.

Year: 2010
Certificate: 12
Director: David Fincher
Starring: Jesse EisenbergAndrew GarfieldJustin TimberlakeArmie HammerMax MinghellaJosh PenceBrenda SongRashida JonesJohn GetzDavid Selby

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I have always avoided watching ‘Social Network’ mainly because of previous reviews I’d read about it not being at all true to life and being very biased, but the thing is that’s exactly what it is meant to be. You see it’s not a documentary and it doesn’t pertain to be one, it is based on the book written by Ben Mezrich called ‘The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal’. For the book, Ben consulted with Eduardo Saverin who had brought one of the two lawsuits against Mark Zuckerberg that are featured in the film. This then means that the film has a heavy biased towards the plaintiffs in the cases and doesn’t shed a good light on Zuckerberg.

‘The Social Network’ uses a flashback, flashforward technique to show what the plaintiffs are talking about in their respective cases, but it isn’t always used effectively, and you are never told if the flashforward scenes are the actual court case or mediation. This being said, the film is exceptionally well made, it has great style, and director Fincher deserves a lot of credit for what he has done; the atmosphere that Fincher was able to create visually is stunning, with an amazing score by Trent Reznor to accompany the film. However, I didn’t care about the characters, as there is little to no character development throughout the film.

The performances are great across the board, and most surprisingly, the stand out for me is Justin Timberlake, who disappears into his role. He plays Napster creator Shawn Fanning as a slightly delusional, paranoid entrepreneur. Andrew Garfield did an amazing job as the co-founder of Facebook and the best friend of Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, is not meant to be a hero, in fact, he is portrayed as someone constantly condescending due to his insecurity and superior intellect, however, at times he talked too fast for me to understand what he was saying.

The main criticism I have of  ‘The Social Network’ is the ending, which seemed to come out of nowhere. There was no build up, and it feels as if several scenes were cut leading up to the ending. It, instead, uses text during the final shot to clear up all of the loose ends, which there are many, this also makes it feel like it is a documentary rather than a docu-drama.

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