The Voices

70299865Jerry develops a crush on Fiona but ends up killing her by accident. Luckily for Jerry, his suddenly verbal cat and dog are there to help.

Year: 2014
Certificate: 15
Director: Marjane Satrapi
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jacki Weaver, Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton, Paul Chahidi, Ella Smith, Sam Spruell, Stanley Townsend, Adi Shankar

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When I saw the trailers for “The Voices” when it was release in the cinema it was a film I knew I was going to love. It was weird, quirky and funny; it starred Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton; it was right up my movie viewing street.

“The Voices” is a story of Jerry, a happy-go-lucky factory worker who always has a smile on his face but underneath that smile, however, is a slightly unhinged loner who finds it difficult to make friends. Luckily there’s a girl, Lisa (Anna Kendrick), at work that seems to have taken a bit of a liking to Jerry but it’s her friend Fiona that pips her to the post and, after a bucket load of awkwardness, Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) and Fiona (Gemma Arterton) arrange a date.

Sadly Fiona stands Jerry up on their date and after sitting waiting in the restaurant alone, he sets off home, sad and dejected. On the way home he sees a girl stranded in the rain, pulls over only to find it’s Fiona who tried to contact Jerry earlier telling him she couldn’t make it. After the air is cleared they decide to give date night another go.

You know how these things go; man meets woman, woman like man, man likes woman, they go out on a date, have a few drinks, one thing leads to another and man accidentally kills woman. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

This is where things get more than a bit strange. When Jerry realises what he’s done, he is stuck between doing the right thing and calling the cops or hiding the body and removing all evidence that anything ever happened. Luckily Jerry has some help: two guys who are able to give Jerry some much-needed advice on what his next steps should be… his dog Bosco and his cat Mr Whiskers.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Jerry, it seems his animal advisors disagree on what his plan should be and become more of a hindrance than a help.

When people at the factory notice that Fiona is MIA, her closest friend Lisa takes it as a opportunity to ask Jerry out herself. Jerry can’t quite believe it, two women? This time will be different… right?

I’ll be honest, like I said earlier, the trailer sold this movie perfectly to me, but when I sat and watched the movie itself it became apparent that most of the comedy elements were used in the trailer. The film was a little too oddball for me which says a lot. Maybe it just wasn’t the film I expected.

As always, that’s just my opinion but if you are into your black comedies then give this a go. The redeeming factor to this movie was that all the actors played their parts well, especially Reynolds who played Jerry perfectly.

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    1. Like I said, I thought Ryan Reynolds was great and I clearly have a bit of a man crush as I ccan’t think of a movie of his I’m not a fan of. Although I have managed to avoid most of his chick flicks! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you liked the review.

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