The Wrong Missy

Tim thinks he’s invited the woman of his dreams on a work retreat to Hawaii, realizing too late he mistakenly texted someone from a nightmare blind date.

Year: 2020
Certificate: 15
Director: Tyler Spindel
Starring: David SpadeLauren LapkusNick SwardsonGeoff PiersonJackie SandlerSarah ChalkeRob SchneiderChris WitaskeJoe Anoa’iMolly Sims

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Predictable, yet still unexpected.

With the current state of affairs I was long overdue something silly to watch. Sure, “Community” is great but I was craving something more than a 20 minute story. So when I saw the trailer for “The Wrong Missy” I decided that this would be the one. Yes, it looked predictable and the trailer seemed to tell you the entire story but it also looked silly – and that’s what I needed.

The story revolves around Tim Morris (David Spade) who is currently trying to find a new girlfriend after his fiancé broke up with him and is also trying to get a huge promotion at work. The film opens with one of his really bad dates – this one with a lady called Melissa (Lauren Lapkus) – Missy for short. Missy is, for want of a better descriptive term, a bit crazy and Tim, unsurprisingly, does a runner. We then see Tim back in his office trying to work out how to handle his possible promotion and we also get some of his backstory – his ex-fiancé also works for the company… And will be attending the company retreat in Hawaii with her new partner. Tim has a flight to catch and while he’s in the airport bumps into a lady called Melissa (Molly Sims) and the two hit it off and exchange phone numbers.

Fast forward a bit and Tim and Melissa have been flirting via text messages and Tim’s colleague Nate (Nick Swardson) has been researching his new love interest and discovered she was a collegiate athlete as well as a pageant queen. Needless to say there was a lot of boasting around the office and Tim decides to invite her to the company retreat in the hopes of making a good impression with the company boss.

“The Wrong Missy” will never win any awards – it’s not supposed to either. It’s just a fun and silly film with a story that is somewhat cliché. The cast, though, are great and really get into their roles. The film looks good visually too – the bright skies and vivid colours in Hawaii are lovely to watch and the on-screen text messages (another modern trope) actually work well and, personally, I prefer this to a close up shot of a phone and trying to read small writing.

Story wise you probably know what’s coming next – the clue is in the film’s title and was also made very clear in the trailer. Tim invites the wrong Melissa/Missy to the company retreat in Hawaii. Of course, he doesn’t realise this until she gets on the plane and it dawns on him what happened. Needless to say her crazy shenanigans on the plane and in Hawaii cause Tim a large amount of embarrassment and he goes out of his way to try and keep Missy away from his colleagues and, most importantly, the CEO of his company. As it turns out, Missy is actually quite helpful and various things take place that really work in Tim’s favour with regards to his potential promotion. I won’t go into the story much more as it will head into spoiler territory but you can probably guess the outcome anyway!

I know it’s a comedy film but there are a couple of parts of the film that niggle… There are two events in the film that amount to male rape but, as it’s done in a ‘funny’ way it seems to be saying it’s OK. I can’t shake the feeling though that if it was the other way round, even in a comedic way, that there would be complaints – or that the scenes wouldn’t even make it into the final film. It’s not a major part, but I thought it worth a mention.

Overall though “The Wrong Missy” is a funny film with lots of laugh out loud moments. It can be crude at times and it’s certainly very silly and, yes, the story is somewhat predictable, but there were still plenty of unexpected treats throughout. I do think that we’ll be seeing even more of Lauren Lapkus in upcoming comedy roles – she was certainly the star of the movie and played her part incredibly well.

If you need a break from the seriousness of lockdown then switch you brain off and have a good laugh with “The Wrong Missy” – it’s a 15 though so not one for the kids!

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