Thirteen Ghosts

An unsuspecting family moves into a house inherited from an eccentric uncle, only to discover that it has a dangerous agenda all its own.

Year: 2001
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 30m
Director: Steve Beck
Starring: Tony ShalhoubEmbeth DavidtzMatthew LillardShannon ElizabethAlec RobertsJR BourneRah DiggaF. Murray AbrahamMatthew Harrison

Information Page:

A freakishly twisted take on the horror house genre.

“Thirteen Ghosts” gets way to much hate in my opinion. While not the greatest horror movie ever made it does enough to be pleasantly entertaining for the duration of it’s runtime. After Arthur (played by the always entertaining Tony Shalhoub) inherits a mansion from his ghost-hunting uncle he decides to move himself and two children there along with their Nanny to help take the financial pressure off him a little.

He soon arrives and finds out the mansion has a very strange layout and interior with peculiar writings on the clear walls. This is clearly no ordinary mansion – what it is, we later discover, is a holding cell for angry ghosts which,  of course, get set free.

While the plot is nothing over exciting, it is so well executed that I can forgive its shortcomings. The special effects are haunting and the image of the spirits will take a hold in your mind long after the credits roll. The cast all have great chemistry with Matthew Lillard in a supporting roll being the standout for me.

“Thirteen Ghosts” is psychologically twisted with an entertaining visual tone which only adds to the immersion. Ignore the hate on this one and give it a watch.

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