This Is The End

Playing themselves in this witty black comedy, Seth Rogen and a bevy of Hollywood notables are stuck together at a party when the apocalypse dawns.

Year: 2013
Certificate: 15
Director: Evan GoldbergSeth Rogen
Starring: James FrancoJonah HillSeth RogenJay BaruchelDanny McBrideCraig RobinsonMichael CeraEmma WatsonPaul RuddJason SegelRihannaMartin StarrMindy KalingDavid KrumholtzChristopher Mintz-Plasse

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2013’s apocalyptic comedy from the warped minds of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg both delights and disgusts in equal measure.

We may as well get it out the way to begin with: if you’re not a fan of Rogen and Co’s peculiar, often grotesque, style of humour then this isn’t for you at all. Fortunately I am and, without a doubt, consider this film my favourite and by far the best of the bunch when it comes to Goldberg and Rogen’s collaborations.

The film follows Seth Rogen and James Franco playing fictional versions of themselves along with many of their usual gang of well known actors. Jay (Baruchel) comes to visit Seth at his home in L.A and quickly grows jealous of Seth’s close relationships with his other actor friends (particularly James Franco) and the two head to Franco’s for a party.

Jay gets anxious of all the people there and decides to head with Seth to shop to buy cigarettes. Just as they arrive beams from the sky start pulling people up and an earthquake occurs causing Seth and Jay to run back to Franco’s house for safety. They soon work out it’s the apocalypse and must all band together with the other people left alive including Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson if they hope to survive.

This film is frantic, loud and a ton of fun! It is also bursting with cameos. The comedy style is exactly what you would expect but the main driving force pushing this movie forward is the cast and their amazing chemistry.

Without giving away spoilers the conclusion of this film is a particular highlight for me having a surprisingly deep and warm undertone. “This Is The End” is well written, acted and as crude as you would expect. Definitely give it a watch or even better watch it with some friends.

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