Unfriended: Dark Web

A group of twentysomethings are pulled into a lethal online game after logging onto a stolen laptop.

Year: 2018
Certificate: 15
Runtime: 1hr 32m
Director: Stephen Susco
Starring: Colin WoodellStephanie NoguerasBetty GabrielRebecca RittenhouseAndrew LeesConnor Del RioSavira WindyaniDouglas TaitBryan AdrianChelsea Alden

Information Page: https://www.newonnetflix.info/info/80998510

“Unfriended: Dark Web” is a sequel to the 2014 movie Unfriended. Although the concept is the same, there are no connections between the two so although you may want to watch that movie, you could probably get away with watching them in either order.

The concept is a similar one in the horror genre. A group of friends are ‘attacked’ by a mysterious person and they must do everything they can think of to find safety. The difference with this and it predecessor is that everything is done online. “Unfriended: Dark Web” is set within the main characters desktop. Previously seen in the aforementioned “Unfriended”, but also utilised in the movie ‘Searching‘, the view that you see is the view the antagonist is seeing. Make sense? Don’t worry it will.

The movie begins with Matius loading up his new laptop and setting it up. It’s clear at this point that the laptop he has purchased is a second hand one. You see all the previous owner’s log in information which Matius overwrites and you see him downloading his own software which allows him to talk, over video chat, with his deaf girlfriend. The software he has created allows him to use sign language to talk to Amaya with much ease than trying to do it live. He begins by showing the software off to Amaya and although he is making an effort she seems unimpressed.

The reason they are talking is there is a regularly scheduled games night with friends and Matius is trying to convince Amalya to join in. We slowly see them all log on to the video chat. While all this happening and while he is trying to convince Amalya he is trying his best to be better at communication, he is distracted by notifications that keep appearing on screen. Notifications that are aimed at the previous owners. At first they look fairly innocent but eventually it becomes clear that the person sending the messages knowz that Matius is now in possession of the laptop…and they aren’t happy. It turns out that Matius wasn’t being completely honest and when he sees someone appear at Amalyas house, he realises he has messed with the wrong person. This mysterious person tells Matius he wants the laptop back and if he doesn’t get his way, well… lets just say bad things will happen.

What follows is not quite the game Matius and his friends were expecting.

I’ll be honest, the “Unfriended” series is not going to win any awards, but they are both fun horror movies that share a very simple and similar way to deliver the story without repeating themselves as far as the story is concerned. Obviously the direction is straightforward, as every shot is view from a laptop’s perspective, but the performances do enough to not take out of the movie. Although I felt the ending was a little disappointing, I couldn’t really think of a much better way to end the story.

If you’re looking for a straight-forward horror/thriller to watch, I would suggest giving this and it’s predecessor a chance.

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