Year One

Cast out of his village after eating the proverbial forbidden fruit, an oafish Neanderthal and his sidekick set off on a trip through biblical times.

Year: 2009
Certificate: 15
Director: Harold Ramis
Starring: Jack BlackMichael CeraOliver PlattDavid CrossChristopher Mintz-PlasseVinnie JonesHank AzariaJuno TempleOlivia WildeJune Diane Raphael

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Plotless but amusing.

Year one is an enigma to me. It has no real plot. No real end goal and often struggles to rise above mediocrity and yet I love it. It’s a sweet lighthearted snippet into the lives of two very unlikely protagonists. The film follows Zed (Jack Black), a hunter, and Oh (Michael Cera), a gatherer, as they are kicked out of their tribe after Zed eats from the forbidden tree and accidentally burns down his entire village to the ground.

They set off to reach the city Sodom and explore what life has to offer on their journey. On the way they encounter many familiar biblical faces and manage to insert themselves into situations that often lead to trouble.

This movie’s strong point is, without a doubt, all thanks to the genius who put the awkward and introvert Cera with Black’s brash and outgoing personality and smashed them together in an almost poetic fashion. They rhyme with each other so well and while this isn’t exactly a new concept there’s a reason it’s been used dozens of times in the past.

When it works it works.

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