Mouse Hunt


Two brothers want to sell the mansion they’ve inherited — but first they must evict its diminutive tenant: a mouse with no intention of leaving.

Year: 1997
Certificate: PG
Director: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, Vicki Lewis, Maury Chaykin, Eric Christmas, Michael Jeter, Debra Christofferson, Camilla Søeberg, Christopher Walken

Information Page:

PM / girl / 8yrs  &  OM / boy / 10yrs

Why did you want to watch the film/show?
Because you said it was funny.
OM: Because it looked funny.

What was it about? (may contain spoilers)
PM: A mouse that was destroying the house and they were trying to sell the house. But they were trying to catch the mouse so they could sell the house. Lots of people got injured.
OM: It was about two guys who were going to sell a house but there was this mouse who kept injuring everyone and putting them in hospital. But the two guys were trying to kill the mouse and they got injured a lot as well.

Did you like it?
Yes, because it was really funny.
Yes, it was funny, a bit sad but mostly funny.

Which part did you like the best?
The bit where the mouse for into the man’s top through the sleeve. That bit was mega funny.
Erm… probably like when they first started getting injured. Especially when they hit each other with a frying pan because they missed the mouse.

Which part did you like the least?
The bit where the mouse almost died but it was still breathing. The men wanted to whack it but they couldn’t.
Where they threw the orange and it almost killed the mouse.

Would you want to watch it again and why?
Yeah, because I liked it and it was so funny – like I keep telling you!
Yes, it was very funny and I like people being hit.

Parent’s notes:
The strangest thing about this film is seeing Lee Evans being Lee Evans but with a weird American accent… But don’t let that put you off! Mouse Hunt is essentially a live-action Tom & Jerry cartoon revolving around brothers Ernie and Lars who are trying to sell their late father’s house. They discover a mouse and know that they can’t sell the house with its resident rodent. Cue all manner of slapstick, cartoon-style violence while they try to exterminate the mouse.

The violence in the film may be of concern to some parents, although it’s essentially cartoon-violence but with real people. It’s not over the top but I would agree with Netflix’s 8+ recommendation. It’s a good film to watch and I enjoyed watching it with the children. It was fairly predictable at times though so I’m not sure if I could sit through it again.
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