Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Armed with a healthy sense of humor and the help of his teacher, friends and family, curious kid Sid tackles questions youngsters have about science.

Year: 2008
Starring: Drew Massey, Julianne Buescher, Victor Yerrid, Alice Dinnean, Donna Kimball, John Munro Cameron, Kristin Charney

Information Page:

Reviewer: JKS / Boy / 6yrs

Why did you want to watch the show?
Because it looked like it would be totally awesome.

What was it about? (may contain spoilers)
A kid who loves science and finding out things with his friends.

Did you like it?
Yes, it is so awesome.

Which part did you like the best?
The reversible change episode

Which part did you like the least?
The irreversible change episode

Would you want to watch it again and why?
Yes, because I like learning about science and it’s fun.

Parent’s notes:
Sid the Science Kid, is a great show which teaches children about everyday science in a fun way, so that they don’t actually realise they are learning. Both JKS (6) and TKS (4) have amazed their teachers with science knowledge since starting to watch Sid the Science Kid. I think that this show is brilliant for the small inquisitive minds of children aged 4+.

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