The Spiderwick Chronicles


When city-raised twins move to a tumbledown country mansion, it’s quite an adjustment — especially after they uncover a magical fantasy world.

Year: 2008
Certificate: PG
Director: Mark Waters
Starring: Nick Nolte, Mary-Louise Parker, Joan Plowright, David Strathairn, Sarah Bolger, Freddie Highmore, Andrew McCarthy, Martin Short, Izabella Miko, Seth Rogen

Information Page:

Reviewer: OM / boy / 10yrs

Why did you want to watch the film/show?
Because my friend said it was good.

What was it about? (may contain spoilers)
Ogres and fairies! There was this boy who found a book in an old house and goblins tried to steal it. If they managed to steal it then they would have destroyed the whole world so the boy and his brother and sister have to protect the book. At first no one believes him about the goblins and everything but then he gets this thing so they can see them too and his brother gets attacked by them as well.

Did you like it?
Yes, because it was funny and it had a lot of action in it and it was an adventure. Basically they’re all my favourite things for films: adventuristic, scary, mystical and action.

Which part did you like the best?
I liked the ending because I liked the big fight between the king goblin, what was his name?, and the boy, the mum, the brother and the sister.

Which part did you like the least?
Erm… Probably when he was going into the attic, the secret room, near the beginning of the film because it was creepy.

Would you want to watch it again and why?
Yeah, probably.

Parent’s notes:
This was fun, I actually enjoyed watching The Spiderwick Chronicles – it’s for older kids so it’s definitely more of a family film than a children’s film. OM has pretty much covered the synopsis in his review so I’ve not really got much left to say here! It’s definitely for older kids though, both PM (8yrs) and OM found some of the earlier scenes in the film a bit frightening and throughout the film there is a general feeling of ‘threat’. Even though, as an adult, I knew it would have a happy ending, some more sensitive viewers may need a bit of comforting. The film is full of fantasy creatures and the baddies aren’t really that scary to look at and so it is quite well done in that sense.

The overall story is easy to follow and some of the ‘heavier’ subjects (the reasons for their father’s absence etc) and handled well and wouldn’t spoil the film if a child didn’t quite grasp what was happening there. All in all it’s a fun, family adventure/fantasy film. Enjoy it, pretend to be a big kid again!

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