The Unbeatables (Metegol)


When his archenemy returns to settle a score, a foosball ace and his magically incarnated team must save the town and woo back his girl.

Year: 2013
Certificate: U
Director: Juan Jose Campanella
Starring: Rupert Grint, Peter Serafinowicz, Anthony Head, Rob Brydon, Juan José Campanella, Darren Boyd, Andrew Knott, Stanley Townsend

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Reviewer: OM / boy / 10yrs

Why did you want to watch the film?
Because it looked cool and I remember seeing the trailer at the cinema.

What was it about? (may contain spoilers)
It was about these table top football players who come to life and there’s this other guy, I don’t know his name, and he knocked down the pub where they used to play. The bad guy built a giant football arena there instead. The good guy challenged the bad guy to a real football match and then the table-top players were helping the other team and they didn’t need help after all.

Did you like it?

Which part did you like the best?
The end when we found out it was all real; but I don’t think it would be real in real life.

Which part did you like the least?
The beginning was really boring because it didn’t have much action but then it got better.

Would you want to watch it again and why?
I’d like to watch it again because it has loads of action.

Parent’s notes:
You know what? I actually enjoyed this film even though I can’t stand football. The first thing you notice is that it looks fantastic – the animators have clearly gone to great lengths to make this film look good. So, in a nutshell, the film is about Amadeo, a keen Table Football player whose village is destroyed by a childhood enemy. Amadeo must try to save his town and his football table and with the aid of a bit of magic his football players come to life to help him out… The story is quite easy to follow and it is quite action-packed but younger viewers may be a bit wary of the rats earlier on in the film. All in all it was a fun family film – oh, and keep your eye out for the cheeky sponsor in the big match 😉


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