I Saw That Years Ago!

Do you know those evenings when you’re flicking through the Netflix UK catalogue trying to decide what to watch and you see an old film you saw years ago? I’m guessing your response is “I saw that years ago!” – quickly followed by “I wonder if it’s still any good…?”. Then when you watch it you feel really let down and wish you’d simply let your memories remain memories… Yeah…? It’s not just me then!!


A while back I stumbled upon a great little podcast by the name of “I Saw That Years Ago” which is, in their own words:

a movie & comedy podcast where two friends see if old films are as good as they remember

In a nutshell, they sacrifice their own time re-watching the old classics so you can then decide whether you think it’s worth watching again. The format of the podcast is quite clever – the first half involves them discussing what they remember thinking when they first saw it and sometimes includes a bit of history of the film or actors. They then head off to watch the film (don’t worry, they hit ‘pause’ at this point) and then the podcast continues with their post-viewing discussion.

It’s entertaining, it’s an easy listen and, if you like classic films, then you’ll probably find it enjoyable!

You can subscribe to their podcasts in iTunes or any other podcasting app (I personally use PocketCasts for Android), listen to them directly on the website at: http://isawthatyearsago.com or follow them on twitter @istyashow.

A lot of the films they’ve featured on the show are also on Netflix UK so I’ve compiled a list of these below – why not ‘join’ them next time you watch one of these films?


Episodes featuring films currently on Netflix UK:

American Ninja
Information page
Podcast – Episode 24

An American Werewolf in London
Information page
Podcast – Episode 32

The Big Bus
Information page
Podcast – Episode 17

Information page
Podcast – Episode 18

Fright Night (80s version)
Information page
Podcast – Episode 23

Murder By Death
Information page
Podcast – Episode 26

Information page
Podcast – Episode 16

The Taking of Pelham 123 (70s version)
Information page
Podcast – Episode 27

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