Littlest Pet Shop

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Blythe discovers that she can talk to the animals at the Littlest Pet Shop, a day camp for all types of pets, kicking off a series of fun adventures.

Year: 2014
Certificate: U
Director: Andrew Adamson
Starring: Ashleigh Ball, Sam Vincent, Peter New, Kyle Rideout, Tabitha St. Germain, Kira Tozer, Nicole Oliver, Jocelyne Loewen, Kathleen Barr, Shannon Chan-Kent, Michael Kopsa

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Reviewer: JR / Boy / 6yrs

Why did you want to watch the film/show?
Because I’d watched the song (Opening Credits) on you tube and I’d seen the toys in the shops.

What was it about? (may contain spoilers)
A girl called Blythe who can talk to all the pets in the little pet shop, and they have lots of adventures. There are all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, a gecko, a spider monkey, a skunk,  and even a hedgehog.

Did you like it?
Yes, because I really like the music and the songs and the adventures are fun too.

Which part did you like the best?
I like the songs and the music the best. Season 3 episodes 25 and 26 are my absolute favourites because Blythe puts on a a festival called the “Petfest” and it is really fun.

Which part did you like the least?
I don’t like the Biskit twins Whitney and Brittany, they have lots of money but that doesn’t mean that they are nice people they are mean to Blythe a lot, they are also mean to the little pets and their daddy owns the other pet shop in the town called “Largest Ever Pet Shop”.

Would you want to watch it again and why?
Yes, because I love it, it is really fun to watch and when I get to the end of the episodes on season 3 I always start at season 1 again (This is true he’s watched all 3 seasons twice and is currently half way through season 2 again -Mom Tammy )

Parent’s notes:
Littlest Pet Shop is a sweet, cute cartoon that would probably appeal to girls more than boys, although it is the only thing that JR constantly requests to watch. In each episode the lead characters face a number of challenges which they must all overcome these usually involve working as a team. The Biskit twins can be quite mean to Blythe and her friends, but as is normal in cartoons the bad guys never come out on top and there is not even any cartoon violence in any episode. I would recommend Littlest Pet Shop for ages 7+

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